5 Best Ways to Use your Smartphone for Business

Times are changing, and trust me you, it is all happening for good!

For instance, I would like to point out at the revolution called “Smartphone”, which have had many incarnations from being a coiled, stuck-at-one-place gadget to something that carries the world with it (literally!).

I would say, Smartphone is the biggest boon to mankind.

Whether you are a college goer or a business person, you would smartphones have made your life easier in more than one way. Carrying laptops, logging onto PCs or cursing the slow bandwidth are now the things of the past.

With smartphones in everyone’s hands (Thanks! To them, being really affordable) information is at your finger tips.

If you are business person would be delighted to know that smartphone can do a lot many things, apart from being a phone and something to surf net on.

To prove my point I have listed 5 best ways to use your smartphone for business, choose one or all that catches your fancy.

1. Organiser

We all know how business is like, even if you have a dozen people working for you, you still are a one man army. One second you would be superivisng marketing campaigns and other minute you are juggling with finances.

Multitask-er becomes your middle name. Even if it is fun, I’m sure it is exhaustive as well.

So, the organizer tool on Smartphone comes to your rescue. Google Tasks, Remember the milk etc are few of free apps that you could download on your smartphone (iOs, Blackberry or Android) for free and leave all the to-dos worries to it. Hire it to never ever miss any critical task.

smartphone use business

2. Check your email on the Go!

Emails are modern day’s smses. It has become an important part of daily discussions and it doubles up as a record, if need be. “I will mail you once in office”, is oh-so-old!.

If you have a Smartphone with Internet access, you can check all your emails when you want & where you want. Not only it saves time, but it also ensures that you don’t miss out on any important mail.

Another feature is promptness of it, with a Smartphone in hand, you could continuously email back and forth to your prospects and close a deal much faster.

3. Access Social media with an ease

Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram, if you ask me to name one social platform that is not accessible on a smartphone.

I would say NONE.

Many smartphones come with an access to all these social platforms and makes it easier for any business person to market themselves on these.

If you have a new product or some special deal going on, all you have to do it, open your smartphone, go to Facebook and put up your deal on it from your customers. All this in flat 5 mins! Isn’t it cool? Even editing a post is a cakewalk, thanks to the smartphones.

4. Access to various apps

There is a reason that “Smartphones” are so called. Be it iOs, Blackberry or Android, their app market is flooded with business apps. Some are for free and some are very economically priced.

From currency convertor to free messages app (Whatsapp) to free calls (Viber) to video conferencing (skype/Hangouts), these apps are not only answer to rising telecom prices but are also effective ways to communicate with more than one people at a time.

Meeting up with colleagues, reaching out your customers and keeping updated with changing market conditions has never been so easy.

5. To delight customer

Ultimately a happy customer is a repeat customer. if you are prompt in servicing your clients, they would be delighted and like the fact that they are being heard. With so many apps available on smartphone, you could do everything to keep your customers engaged.

Drafting email, making a presentation, broadcasting a super deal and updating your website was never so easy. And, now that you have it at your finger tips make it a point to use it wisely. There is no room from clumsiness and less than perfect customer service.

Thanks to changing technology, keeping up with competition is much easier. If you use your smart-phone – smartly, your drudgery would be halved.